Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Country Music

I listened to country music during my drive home from work tonight. My boss suggested it, and I took him up on it. Every once in a while, I'll listen to the country station for a few days at a time. It had been a while since I did that.

WKLB was doing the "Top Five at Five" and I liked every one of the songs they played. The songs were:
  1. Riding with Private Malone (David Ball)

    This was a tear-jerker of a song, involving the owner of a classic car and the gentle ghost who rides in it.

  2. I Don't Have to Be Me (Until Monday) (Steve Azar)

    A very jaunty song about a man who takes Friday off and hits the open road.

  3. I'm Tryin' (Trace Adkins)

    A very sad song about how all the singer can do is try, despite everything going against him.

  4. I Wanna Talk About Me (Toby Keith)

    My favorite: a country "rap" about how the singer wants to talk about himself instead of just listening to his girlfriend.

  5. The Long Goodbye (Brooks and Dunn)

    I didn't hear much of this song, as I was pulling into my driveway, but it was sad. Chances are, I'll hear it tomorrow.
In college, I DJ'd at an alternative music station, and I asked someone there what constitutes 'alternative'. He said that alternative music was music that was different from what you listen to. If you listen to rap, then listen to rock. If you listen to rock, then listen to classical. Tonight, country was my alternative music. And it was good!

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