Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Brad Pitt

I take some solace that I am younger than Brad Pitt. He turned 38 today.

I first really noticed Brad in the movie Fight Club. He played his character with such enthusiasm that I took an instant liking to Brad Pitt. When I read that James Gandolfini (who plays Tony of the Sopranos) liked Pitt in Kalifornia, I made it a point to rent it. Brad Pitt was just as crazy in that movie as well ("Reebs. That's beers backwards.")

Yes, he's a "handsome man" (and nothing is wrong with that), but as an actor, he's taken on some non-handsome roles. For some reason, that's quite appealing to me. My favorite Pitt performance is in Twelve Monkeys. It's a Bruce Willis movie, but Pitt stole the scenes with his over-the-top performance as a lunatic.

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