Wednesday, December 5, 2001


Several dozen, if not several hundred BLOGs are created daily with Blogger, and other tools. Every once in a while, I poke through what's new, and what's changed. I have a list of BLOGs that I visit semi-regularly, but most of my BLOG surfing is limited to short visits from the what's updated page.

I chanced upon Blork Blog, a lively journal of a Canadian with very varied interests. He has a lovely series of pictures from his office window, which he took over the span of a month. His BLOG is almost one year old. He has an engaging writing style.

I think you can get to know someone through their BLOG. Surely not everything, but certainly one's tastes, ones sensibilities. Sort of like book authors, actors, or news anchors, or newspaper columnists: we think we know them because we see their work, and from that, we extrapolate a little on "who they are". BLOGs are public expressions of ourselves.

I point to Blork's BLOG because I read two items that he wrote about Jennifer Lopez (1) (2). I share his admiration for J Lo. This connection makes me hope he's seen Out of Sight.

In this superb movie, Stephen Soderbergh employs a very stylish look and feel to a good-girl falls for bad-guy movie. J Lo gives as fine a performance in this movie as Jodie Foster did in Silence of the Lambs, that's how much I enjoyed her acting.

Of course, I know that J Lo is not Karen Sisco. I also don't know whether Blork would even like this movie. But thanks to his BLOG, I'm thinking he just might.

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